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Truly Immersive Hospitality Experience


The Tanwani Hotel is a reflection of Kolhapur’s cosmopolitan flavor. It has embraced change. From laidback to quick-paced, from local to global, from the traditionalist to the modernist, but always welcoming. Its décor reflects this change with new age furnishing and its chic. Old recipes are made with a lighter hand- revitalizing traditional recipes with new ingredients. Newly refreshed elegance is everywhere. It is the Ideal place for all the tourists as well as the devotees to come stay at the best hotel in Kolhapur near Mahalaxmi Temple.

Fall in love with this holy town and you won’t be able to stop yourself from falling in love with our hotel as well. As the city besiege you in its warm embrace, so do we. And you will find yourself returning to us both, all over again and again with the best hotel in Kolhapur near temple. This is the most preferred budget hotel in Kolhapur near Mahalaxmi Temple. Our hotel is definitely famed for its facilities to all the guests in the best hotel in Kolhapur for stay.

Location-wise, you are in the heart of Kolhapur, equally distant to both - the centers of heritage and the hubs of tradition. Attractions near the hotel include Mahalaxmi Temple, Panhala Fort, some amazing amusement and water parks. For pleasure, trust our janitor to plan anything your heart desires, from romantic dinners to sightseeing tours. Experience a lifestyle with a unique touch in the Interiors to suit the needs of our customers at the most affordable hotel in Kolhapur near Mahalaxmi Temple. Hotel booking Kolhapur is made convenient with the help of Hotel Tanwani Come and stay at our hotel in Kolhapur and make the best memories to cherish for a lifetime.