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Kolhapuri Tambda rassa / Pandhra Rassa

Kolhapuri rassa

Kolhapur has some good ancient Non-Veg dishes that are tasty and pleasant prepared from 'Mutton' (goat meat). Tambda Rassa' could be a curry ready by using red chilly powder to form it seem 'Tambda' cerise. A soup sort of a dish of water used to boil the 'Mutton' along with side spices like coriander, ginger, garlic & red chilly powder. 'Tambda Rassa' is more famed within the rural area of Kolhapur. 'Tambda Rassa is mostly spicy and too hot for drinking.

'Pandhra Rassa' white curry, could be soup-like dishwater accustomed boil the 'Mutton' in conjunction with spices like ginger, garlic & coriander, etc. In Kolhapuri 'Pandhra Rassa' ready by using white coconut milk and hot spices while not chilly. 'Pandhra Rassa' may be brank with no troubles.

Kolhapuri rassa

'Tambda Rassa' and 'Pandhra Rassa' produce of Kolhapur is known in nonvegetarians. In Kolhapur That 'Roasted Mutton' could be a special type of non-veg dish that is extensively ready at Kolhapur. The special formula of this 'Mutton' makes it a singular dish attributed to Kolhapur. Kheema Balls or Pulav Balls Rice are used in preparing a special dish called 'Golyachi Biryani'. These varied dishes alongside 'Bhakri' or 'Chapati' are the most menu of Kolhapuri That. In Kolhapur town in each hotel, this dish is available however a few places within the town are renowned.