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Kolhapuri Pheta and Kolhapuri Saaj

Kolhapuri Pheta & saaj


Pheta could be a specialty in Kolhapur. carrying a Pheta is high respect. it's a customary honor to a guest who comes from another place is welcome by giving him to wear the traditional Pheta. The Pheta could be a fabric off 3.5 to 6 meters long and 1-meter wide cotton or silk material. it's the precise Saffron color is the most selection for Kolhapuri Pheta. Besides this several different varieties are also. a number of the lined sorts of the Pheta referred to as Lahiri Pheta. within the previous period, it had been customary. Forefathers from several families wherever using Pheta in their costume. And it had been a neighborhood of the Male costume. carrying Pheta is an art. Pheta it's bifold in six or seven folds in width when that an end of common fraction meter is given a tail that is known as ‘Shemala’. The Pheta is wrapped on Head with a special vogue. Last, the tend of Pheta could be a portion of Michael.


Saaj could be a special kind of necklace that is extremely famed with Maharashtrian ladies. The Kolhapuri Saaj is known ornament worn by Kolhapuri ladies for long. Kolhapuri Saaj is that the artistically created jewelry due to its specific style and pattern appearance enormously stunning that odds the glory to the person wearing it. The Saaj is designed altogether over Maharashtra however the Kolhapuri Saaj is extremely far-famed. The Jewelers at Gujri Market design and create these ornaments.