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Kolhapuri Wrestling Kolhapur

Kolhapuri Wrestling

Kusti' wrestling may be an extremely popular game in Kolhapur and wrestlers of Kolhapur are known around the world. Rajarshi Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj, being himself an honest wrestler was made the 'Khasbaug Maidan' in Kolhapur. 'Khasbaug Maidan' is exclusive in India. Over 60000 folks will see the 'Kusti' at the central 'Houda' clearly with none disturbance. It's a circular open place with a collapsible shelter at one finish and circular sloping ground all around. The ring is within the middle. The rostrum is currently in hand by Government and has been chartered resolute the Kolhapur Sports Association which arranges wrestling bouts sporadically. Young rural boys recruit within the wrestling arena.

Kolhapuri Wrestling

They are trained by Masters that are referred to as 'Vastad'. there's an excellent convention of this wrestling arena. Over forty wrestling arenas referred to as 'Talims' are functioning within the town. Rajarshi Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj of Kolhapur gave Patronship to several such establishments. Currently daily several of those coaching activities are growing up. The government has additionally given a wider scope to those activities. Some sugar factories also are provided to facilitate for wrestlers by giving them honorarium scholarships. A Government power-assisted wrestling coaching camp is additionally placed at Kolhapur. Corporate sector and charitable trusts and a few noble persons supply scholarships for wrestlers and also the coaching activities.

Varied competitions are conducted once a year within which the wrestlers participate and win an enormous sum of cash, name & fame for the 'Talim' they belong to. Khasbhag Maidan of Kolhapur is legendary for hosting such 'Kushti Matches' at home, district, and zonal level likewise. This ancient sport remains preserved within the heart of Kolhapur.