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Town Hall Museum Kolhapur

Town Hall Museum

This stunning building is located close to the Civil Hospital on Bhausingji Road. The building is enclosed by a stunning garden. The garden may be an extremely coolest spot in Kolhapur on account of the shade of the many previous trees and a few special sorts of plants. there's a fine-looking fountain before of the building with a pool of water and a marble bust of Shivaji. The town hall garden was made in 1870. The building at the moment homes a museum. There are a glasshouse and a bandstand. The hall contains glass cases during which displayed numerous antiques found throughout the excavations at Brahmapuri like material vessels, beads so on.

Some cases show coins of various periods. There are Tamra parts additionally. There are several figures carved in stone found within the completely different components of the town. within the southern wing, there's an armory wherever old weapons are displayed. within the northern wing, there's a gallery wherever paintings of noted native artists are displayed. there's also a tiny low assortment of busts and statues.

Town Hall Museum

Artifacts and Monuments

The town hall depository has been recently restored. There are 7 corridors or galleries for numerous archaeological relics- metallic artifacts, sculptures, and woodwork, weapons, paintings, old coins, and individual pictures photos. info and photos of historic monuments, places, customs and traditions of Kolhapur town also are on show during this depository.

Town Hall Garden

Town Hall Museum

The depository is encompassed by lush gardens covering 7-8 acres of land. The town hall Gardens are home to some terribly exotic species of plants, shrubs, and trees. The gardens are well-planned and are the lungs of the realm.

Best Place for the Nature Lover

The garden boasts of a nursery that was inbuilt 1904. there's a hanging marble statue of Shivaji Maharaj put in within the garden premises in 1927. A visit to the current depository, that fantastically showcases a slice of our history, maybe a must-do on each traveler list. A stroll around the garden field is one more attraction for nature-lovers.